Fiils The Lineup x 4 (Various Options) - Rose Gold

Featuring one of every nature-plucked scent by fiils, The Lineup x 4 includes four refill pouches and four reusable aluminium bottles. The set consists of all your hair and body care essentials, each made with 99% natural origin ingredients. Vegan and cruelty-free. Set Contents: Lemongrass Shampoo Refill Pouch 400ml Boasting 80% plastic-free packaging, the shampoo is made from botanical actives that gently cleanse and purify. Lemongrass works to clarify the scalp and strands with a soothing effect, while leaving hair feeling touchably soft with a smooth finish. Coconut Conditioner Refill Pouch 400ml The silky conditioner features a blend of essential coconut oil and shea butter to encourage manageability and support an effortless detangling routine. Pomelo Body Wash Refill Pouch 400ml Enriched with pomelo oil and hibiscus flower extract, the nourishing body wash helps to moisturise the skin, alongside providing an aromatherapeutic environment. Lemongrass Hand Wash Refill Pouch 400ml Made with lemongrass essential oil and malva flower extract, the hand wash works to keep skin hydrated, minimising feelings of dryness or tightness, alongside leaving a subtle refreshing scent on the hands. Aluminium Bottle x 4 Four reusable aluminium bottles with pumps to store all of your products. Choose between four colour options.

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